Guide How to modify Stock ROM

While that hype has slowly settled down, however, we cannot deny the fact that this device is quite an active player in custom development. Before getting started, a few things are to be considered. Installing stock firmware is like download the stock firmware installing a whole new operating system on your Android phone. So it will delete all the data present on your phone. If you back up your phone and all your Data with a Google account, then you don’t need to worry about it.

  • If you have an Android phone, chances are that you’ve been plagued by the “insufficient RAM” problem.
  • ALWAYS have a working backup of your original ROM before you flash a new unknown ROM.
  • Low storage space in your device hampers the smooth operation as well as prevents downloading or updating latest software.
  • We have made a complete list of Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphones which are released till date along side with it’s stock ROM/firmware.
  • Before carrying out to back up Android ROM to PC, it is essential to root your Android device.

In some limited cases, a bad flash can “brick” your device, meaning to make it inoperable. We recommend that only people who are technically inclined try to flash ROMs on their devices, as it can be tricky. For everyone else, we recommend finding a phone for sale that already has a stock Android experience.

  • Phones within the Android One program use a subtly altered version of stock Android, for example.
  • It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed.
  • In that case, backing up your complete firmware is very important and recommended.
  • If you think there’s a more easy and effective method to backup Android devices, kindly let us know through the comments.
  • We at Droid Thunder won’t be responsible for any kind of damage caused to your device during or after following this flashing guide.
  • You may also repair your Android device using Stock ROM Firmware Flash File.

If in case, your device runs out of power during Android ROM backup or device backup, it may harshly impact the device. To avoid this, power up your mobile enough to sustain the entire process.

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The custom ROM has some excellent customization options that enrich the devices user interface. It is inspired by Google Pixel device and has features from the Pixel 4 smartphone, such as the wallpapers, ringtones, fonts, etc. Download the latest Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Stock ROM, and official firmware [Flash file]. Below, we have shared step by step procedure to Install Stock firmware flash file on XIAOMI.